Monday, March 03, 2008

A fair weather friend

Woke this morning to hear the BBC Radio 4 weather forecaster telling me that there's going to be snow in Scotland. Looked at the BBC Website and the forecast there said it's going to be clear (albeit cold).

Decided to believe the Website (because t'InterWeb never lies dont'cha know) and take the bike to work this morning because I have a dental appointment first and by the time I reach work in the car I'll have a long walk from the remaining available parking spaces, whereas I can always park the bike within yards of the front door.

So there I was all leathered up and about to head out, when I noticed some funny little white things falling from the sky.


I have officially become a fair weather biker! I remember the days when I had to dig the bike out of a snow drift just to get it to the main road to ride it 8+ hours a day as a motorcycle courier. But I was younger, hardier and indeed stupider in them days!

So I'm now de-leathered and wearing a thick pullover.

Now where's my woolly hat .....?

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