Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Holy crap, it's cold out there!

There I was sitting in a warm living room, when the thought entered my head that it's nice and dry looking outside, so it might be a spiffing idea to go for an hour's ride on the bike.

I lasted half an hour, and that was with full thermals and heated hand grips! It is indeed nice and dry, but there don't seem to be any visible clouds, so I guess it's going to get even colder overnight. I'll have the car with me at work tomorrow I think though, because I have an appointment with my GP in the morning before I go to work and it'll be easier on this occasion to do that in the car. So the temperature can do what it likes tomorrow, I'll have the heater on!

Yesterday evening I finished scanning 200+ old photographs from my late gran's house. The plan is that I'll burn copies onto discs so that family members can have them and if they want any prints I can do them too. But now that I've scanned them I see lots which need touching up and repairing (scratches, scrapes, tears and contamination on the originals), so it might be a few days or so yet before I'm ready to distribute them. In the meantime I'll be playing with Photoshop Elements, a very clever piece of photo editing software which I haven't used for a while.

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