Sunday, August 19, 2007

Alcohol related update

Fuck me, I've actually updated something on my real Website! Another four pubs (surprised?), one remembered from a long time ago and three newly visited.

The bike has now been taken away on a trailer to a mechanic to get it bloody well running again. Grrr. More money. But I'll forget all about it when I am riding into the wild blue yonder on the thing. Soon I hope. And cheaply I hope (but doubt).

Do you like the image on the right? I think it does look rather familiar actually and I'm quite pleased with it! It's me, having been Simpsonized. Real photo uploaded to the site (face shot anyway) and the version on the right created. You should give it a go.

Been busy at work recently, but I've now got three days off. Originally took these three days because I was organising a group of friends to go to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo on Tuesday, but for various reasons mostly outwith my control, that all fell through, but I decided to keep the days off anyway and I now have other stuff organised to fill my time. Of which more later, perhaps. Perhaps some of it might even involve riding a motorcycle somewhere! Here's hoping anyway. It's been two weeks since it broke down, and it hasn't been used since a couple of weeks before that since the MOT expired. I need to get back riding again (did I maybe mention that or give that impression?)

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