Sunday, August 12, 2007

Well it's a one for the money

It's a (semi) interesting and sobering fact that by the time Elvis Presley was my age he'd been dead for 3 years! It's just about 30 years since he died on 16th August 1977 and there are many celebrations of his life being planned and all sorts of people jumping on the corporate bandwagon with, for example, Hershey producing a banana flavoured peanut butter cup chocolate bar and Marie Osmond selling an Elvis doll.

Why is it though that all Elvis impersonators choose to impersonate him at his overweight drug-affected latter years and not in his earlier better days? Could it be that the impersonators tend to be fat blokes themselves?

Yes, the man they called The King became something of a joke in his later years, but you can't take away the impact he had on popular music in the world and neither can you deny his incredible voice. A class act, until nearer the end.

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