Monday, August 20, 2007

The money pit revisited

Let's face it. It was never going to be cheap. Got a call from the mechanic this afternoon. The bike needs a replacement electrical bit (I was on a noisy train and didn't catch what he called it) which, second hand, would cost £60. Quite reasonable I thought, but the mechanic has persuaded me to go for a brand new one at a mere £180 to avoid the chance of a repeat performance. Plus fitting of course. A couple of hours work. So on top of the £610 the bike has cost me in mechanical work etc recently, it's about to cost another £300 or thereabouts. Still. At least it'll work this time. Won't it?


  1. Probably... for a little while at least ;) ;)

  2. No, I'm being positive Colleen. When I bought the bike I had no idea what work might need done so this round of expense is just to bring it up to a standard where it'll run absolutely fine without the fear of it failing in heavy rain (again). That's what I'm convincing myself anyway!