Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fyer fyer!

Driving back from Glasgow this afternoon where I had been at Braehead shopping centre and then Paisley, I passed a Fire Service rescue truck with blue lights flashing and sirens wailing going in the opposite direction over the Erskine Bridge. It had a cherry picker on the back and it said something like "high level rescue" on the side.

I didn't see which way it went once it was over the bridge (towards Glasgow or towards Greenock) but it's now apparent that it was heading towards Glasgow Airport where a car had just been driven into the front door of the terminal building and then apparently deliberately set alight by its occupants who seem to have been two Asian looking men according to early eye witness reports on BBC News 24. The men, one of whom was reported to have been on fire, then fought with police and members of the public. The image on the right is from the BBC news Website.

Thinking back the timing, I must have been driving past the airport just about the time it happened. Scary stuff.

It may have been merely a criminal act, or it may have been connected to terrorism, perhaps even to the incidents yesterday in London. Too early to say as yet although the government in Whitehall are suggesting it isn't related to matters of National Security.

The Queen is only 50 miles away in Edinburgh at the moment though, or at least she was this morning at the opening of the Mickey Mouse parliament, so I'd guess certain arses will be twitching amongst those charged with her safety.

A little while ago they interviewed some random members of the public at the airport. Alarm bells should have rung in the BBC Newsroom when they introduced one as "a confirmed plane spotter" and thankfully the bloke lived down to all of your preconceived notions of what plane/train/anything spotters are like. A triumph of live broadcasting.

I should mention that I've been editing this post every so often so the time of the original post doesn't tie in with updates as more information arrives. It looks like I knew a lot more about what had happened within half an hour of the incident, which clearly I don't!


  1. My opinion: the guy with severe burns is "lucky" to have been in the UK, where he is going to get top quality medical care and of course not be tortured to death by a repressive government. The kind of government, no doubt, he would prefer to be living under in a fundamentalist theocracy. In some ways I'm sorry for him - I'm guessing he has been totally brainwashed by religious nutjobs. But at the same time, he was trying to kill families like yours and mine who were on the whole harming nobody, just trying to live their lives peacefully.

  2. I agree with you Andrew, except I am not sorry for him in any way shape or form. In fact I hope his burns continue to hurt like fuck as he slowly recovers just enough to be put on trial.