Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The smell of piss

Remember my car was tanned last December? Well this morning, a tad over 3 months later, I received a cheque for £114.75 from my insurers, being the money I paid to Autoglass at the time less the £60 excess. The letter and receipt I handed (yes handed, not posted) to my insurance broker got lost somewhere between them and the insurers (the broker says it was the insurer's fault) and I chased it up in early March. I then chased it up again last week when I was calling my broker to see what the amended premium would be for the car at the potential new flat (today's tip: this is a good quick way to find out what sort of area it is). This morning the cheque arrived, so although it should probably go to Mastercard to pay for the car window it'll probably go into the spending money kitty for my trip to Belgium the weekend after Easter.

On that note, has anyone been to Belgium? I'll be staying near Charleroi airport (south of Brussels) and will be there from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. Clearly my mobility is limited just now, but if anyone has any (sensible) suggestions of what to do they'll be gratefully received. The only firm plan at the moment is a visit to Ypres. My brother's been there before and reckons it's a very interesting place to visit and wants to go back again, which fits right in with the sort of thing I want to do too. We'll have a car available, since my brother's there for a month and a half working, but obviously we don't want to use a car all the time since it would limit the sampling of Belgian beer by my brother, which would be a bad thing.

On Sunday, after Evensong, there was a celebration for a significant birthday (the following day - happy birthday Big L) for one of the choir, and it turned out another choir member was about to have a less significant birthday (today as it happens - happy birthday CG). As ever, we were in The Lansdowne, and very enjoyable it was too.

During the course of the evening though, it became apparent that several people hadn't heard of Armageddon.

No, not the climactic battle between good and evil as recounted in the Book of Revelation (the best book of the lot, apart from Psalms, it's probably the only one I'd ever bother taking the trouble to read to be honest), just the recording of a live radio broadcast in America where they were reading a news story about a sexual accident. I happen to have an MP3 of it stored on my phone, so was able to introduce the Armageddon virgins to it there and then.

If you want to hear it for yourself, and I should warn you it's a bit rude but pretty funny, then you can download it from the Sounds & Video page of my Website. There's other stuff there too, but I have rated some of them as 18 (suitable for adults only) so please don't go there if you aren't! You can choose from Terry Tate, Dolmio, The Glasgow Plumber, Northfield (VERY rude), and many more. I should actually get round to uploading more stuff, since it's been a while since I did so and the collection on my hard drive has grown.

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