Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why I hate criminals and they should be executed

Some bastard son of a bitch smashed the nearside front window of my car today while it was parked outside work. Second time in about 5 years at that locus. Raked about a bit in the glove compartment, pulled the back seats forward and blagged two big boxes of sweets which were for my gran's Christmas, didn't even look inside the CD pack in the glove compartment, just threw it to the floor, and stole about £4 from the wee tray which contains loose change for parking etc. And all because I didn't take the mount for my new Sat Nav system off the bloody windscreen! The Sat Nav was in my pocket, but the mount was on view and this clearly says to a thief "there may be an expensive bit of electronics in the glove compartment or under the seat or in the boot of this car". Needless to say, the mount will not be left on the windscreen in future.

So, having left work at 4pm, it's now half six and I'm just home, some £175 lighter (until I claim it back from my insurance company that is, well all bar £60 excess). When I phoned the glass repair company they asked what my insurance policy details were. Funnily enough I never took the trouble to commit them to memory so I had to pay cash until I find out and claim it back.

And to top it all, yet another bad experience with some Force Support Officer who was working in the Strathclyde Police Call Handling Centre and assured me that someone would call me to take a statement, but no, no one would come out to it because this sort of thing happens so often and it can be dealt with over the phone. What? I asked, Scenes of Crime can be done over the phone now can it? She was not for budging. But a cop redeemed the force two minutes later when he called me and without being asked (the useless one had obviously passed on my displeasure) assured me that Scenes of Crime would indeed come out to see me. So it's arranged for tomorrow.

In the meantime despite the best efforts of a very effective vacuum cleaner by the Auto Glass guy (who found a £20 note under the seat and returned it to me - a nice bloke), I'll be picking shards of glass out my arse for weeks!


Update 22nd December: Another car was done in the same place yesterday. £1000 of damage to the glass, glovebox and walnut dashboard of an Audi belonging to a colleague


  1. That totally sucks.

    A few years ago someone broke into my mother-in-law's car but only stole some cassette tapes (it was a few years ago). The M-in-L's take was that this might work itself out through Karma because several of the tapes were of popular hymns, songs of praise etc and maybe the criminals would listen and have some kind of epiphany.

  2. Hi,

    I had a hire car recently from work and some xyz smashed the side window - exactly the same thing happened with the police that time and the incompetent woman in Dorset Police got very shirty with me when I remonstrated with her in a frank and forthright way. She almost suggested that if I didn't stop complaining that I might be in bother myself for giving her a hard time.

    Similarly I was crossing the road outside my home one afternoon and some maniac in a souped up car came round the corner like a nutter and deliberately swerved toward me to make me scamper out of the way. i reported this to Dorset police, gave them the registration but they said that they would take no action because it was just my word that it had happened!