Tuesday, March 27, 2007

That's a bloody long time!

Collected my sick note from my GP this morning. The first one I can remember ever having in something like 27 years of working! I had asked that, having self-certificated for a week, my GP give me a certificate from Monday 26th until my next appointment at the fracture clinic on 20th April. This would give me about 3 weeks of certificated absence plus the first week, then I would re-address whether I need to stay off work for longer, in consultation with the doctors at the clinic and my GP of course. I thought 4 weeks was a long time to be off and had hoped that I might be able to return after then.

So I collected my pre-prepared sick note (written after my GP received a letter from the hospital so I didn't actually have to see her) this morning and took it straight to work. To my surprise, when I got to work and looked at the certificate it said I was to stay off for 6 weeks from 26th! That's 3 weeks longer than I had hoped to be off for this initial period. Although I'm mindful of the very real possibility (actually it's a probability) that I'll be off for the full 3 months, I don't want to accept that as for definite and was hoping to fool myself by staying off for repeated shorter periods. But now the earliest I'll be back to work is about 7th May. Fuck.

So, anyway, went for lunch to The Lansdowne with dad, who had kindly come and collected me to deal with said sick note. Very enjoyable it was too.

For the first time since starting to look for a place to buy, I've seen somewhere which has sparked my interest enough to actually go and look at it. So I've emailed the estate agent asking to arrange a viewing. It's slightly further away from the west end of Glasgow than I'd have really liked, but the property looks interesting. Hopefully no one gets in in front of me. No doubt further posts will reveal all!

The image? I watched a bit of Shaun of the Dead last night on TV. Good film. I have it on DVD and need to watch all of it again soon.

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