Sunday, March 25, 2007

Grammar Nazi strikes again

For some reason (48 hour rule perhaps) I have seen several Websites in the past few days where the grammar is irritatingly bad. Not just your/you're, but randomly inserted apostrophes too.

Overdid it again last night, and my leg's suffering a bit this morning.

Went to the concert and then for a drink to the Lansdowne afterwards. Bach St John Passion sung by Glasgow Chamber Choir. Very good, but the soloists, while generally of a good standard, were slightly variable. The tenor singing the part of The Evangelist, and the bass singing the part of Jesus were excellent. Opinions amongst our group were mixed regarding the tenor soloist (not The Evangelist) and while clearly he was a good singer, he was soundly eclipsed by The Evangelist. The baritone wasn't brilliant, OK, but not great. The alto was tremendous, particularly given that she had to contend with an out of tune cello much of the time. The soprano, who had apparently stepped in at the last minute when the original soloist fell ill, was very good. The bass soloist from the choir, NM, was particularly good, but perhaps that's to be expected given his musical pedigree and being a former professional singer. And he's a really nice guy too!

Anyway, overall a good concert, and being repeated this afternoon in Oban. Catch it if you can!

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