Thursday, March 29, 2007


The one and only Mr Johnny Cash, ladies and gentlemen!

Now here's a thing. I was about to put his full name in this post, since I know his initials are J R Cash, but according to Wikipedia he was actually given only initials by his parents because they couldn't agree on a name. When he joined the Air Force they wouldn't accept just initials so he adopted John R Cash as his legal name, and when in 1955 he signed for Sun Records he adopted Johnny Cash as his stage name. And yes, I know Wikipedia can be wrong, but it's a good story if it's true! And you should read the Wikipedia entry about Cash, it's very interesting.

As you may have guessed, I watched Walk the Line on DVD yesterday. Great film.

The other thing I did yesterday was view a flat in the evening, and I liked it enough to have instructed a survey today. Let's see what happens, and I won't jinx it by giving any details yet.


  1. It is indeed a great movie. I watched it on a plane (long, long, long journey - Minneapolis to Bangalore) last year and enjoyed it way more than I expected to. I only knew a little bit about Mr Cash and the Carter family and wasn't sure how I'd like the music, but the whole thing was so good, I was blown away.

  2. I knew I liked his music, because my dad had some of his albums including the live at Folsom Prison one, and obviously I've heard his music at various times over the years, but even leaving the music aside, it's still an enjoyable film.