Saturday, March 24, 2007

I hobble the line

I may have slightly overdone it yesterday.

Was collected by a friend and we went for a bit of a drive up the A82 as far as the start of Loch Lomond, then turned left and across the hills down into Helensburgh and then back towards Glasgow. We were both hungry by then so decided to eat out at The Lansdowne Bar and called ahead to book a table. To cut a longer story mercifully shorter, we had a nice meal and two bottles of wine (the car having been dropped off en-route), but by the time I got out of the taxi at home my leg was aching and felt, well, congested might not be a medically accurate word but it describes the feeling quite well. I think basically it was swollen a bit inside the cast, so I spent a wee while before going to sleep lying on the bed with my leg balanced on the end (i.e. raised a bit) and wiggling my toes as much as possible. I don't know whether it actually made a difference, but I felt a bit better by the time I lay down to sleep.

This morning the congestion was back, and it's been quite painful, but the medication has sorted that a bit. I don't really feel like doing anything today, although I'm supposed to be going to a concert tonight just round the corner. I'll wait and see how I feel at the time.

The other thing I did yesterday was watch the first of my DVD mountain. Well, as I mentioned, it's not quite a mountain but more of a hill. Maybe a Munro. Yes, that's it. I have a DVD Munro. But I digress, as usual. Yesterday I watched The DaVinci Code and I enjoyed it. I know it largely got slated by the critics, but so did the book and I enjoyed that (more so than the film to be honest). I even enjoyed the line "I've got to get to a library ... fast!" which is a rather strange quote.

I've set up the Sony DVD Cinema Surround Sound system (of which I'm very proud - can you tell?) with the next film I'm going to watch (so I can press the buttons and start it without moving from the sofa) and I've decided on the Oscar winning Walk the Line, the story of Country Music legend Johnny Cash's life. maybe a review will feature once I've seen it, but probably not and in any case it would probably only consist of either "it's shit" or "it's great".

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