Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordle 2011

Below is a word cloud giving prominence to words that appear more frequently in this Blog, created using Wordle.  I'm not sure exactly what period it covers, my best guess is that it's maybe since March 2011.

The last time I did this was February 2010 and the words Lent and Alcohol seemed to feature prominently at that time, and although a quick glance doesn't show those words below I can clearly see the words Pub and Drink, so things don't change all that much!

The time before that, the first time, was way back in September 2008, and IAM, Motorcycle and Insurance seemed to be popular topics of mine at that time!  Although still a member of the IAM I haven't ridden my motorcycle for over a year but a few days ago I managed to get it transported to a place where it's going to be repaired over the next month or so, so hopefully the word Motorcycle will again take its rightful place in my stream of consciousness before the year's over.

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