Thursday, February 04, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Ooh, it's now only a couple of years to a significant birthday.  Time to stop counting, methinks!


  1. only a couple of years to a significant birthday

    Just think of it. Two more years and you'll be able to drink legally in pubs. No more buckie in the bike sheds :-)

    Happy Birthday, you old grump!

  2. But what if I happen to LIKE drinking Buckie in the bike sheds?

    Thanks for your kind wishes Father MadPriest.


  3. They only become significant when you start to believe they are.

    Given your brief biography I'm guessing it's not your 21st.

    Enjoy your day.

  4. Two whole years to wind you up about the Muckle Great Birthday yet To Come, eh, Lay Clerk..... Whee hee ! Wot fun we shall have - wot a larf !!

    Congratulations on still being On The Baby Side (Just !)

    Happy Birthday me ole pal, me ol' beauty. Y'know there's bucketfuls of luv from this direction. x