Thursday, April 02, 2009


It isn't often that I promote worthy causes. I feel that our senses are assaulted by so many appeals for this and that, that I rarely, if ever, forward requests for aid or charity.

Go and look at this site though, and watch the film. Be warned that it contains scenes of violence. Not anything like would be classed as an 18 certificate (adults only) but graphic enough to be only shown before 15 certificate films, as I believe is planned.

It's the actress Keira Knightley in a new advert raising awareness of domestic violence. No one should be subject to abuse of this, or any sort.

And domestic abuse doesn't have to feature physical violence, it can be mental cruelty too.

And although this film is connected to Women's Aid, it isn't just women who suffer such abuse.

Don't tolerate it.

Don't tolerate it happening to someone else, and certainly don't tolerate it happening to you.

OK, that's enough seriousness for one day. Back to normal!

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