Sunday, March 01, 2009

War Stories Part II - Tam and the personnel carrier

Continuing the sagas and stories of my working life, up to now anyway. If you want to read the preamble, click here to go to the first posting in the series, which contains a short version of my CV.

Police Officers sometimes travel around in minibuses, usually referred to as Personnel Carriers. One afternoon the driver of one such vehicle, lets call him "the Captain", was in the vehicle with, amongst others, a fairly young cop who I'll call "Tam".

Now I don't know wheth
er you've ever driven a minibus, but sometimes they're a fair length and in order to get it out of the parking space they were in at the side of the road (having completed the enquiry they were on) the Captain called out to the person sitting right at the back of the vehicle, who happened to be Tam, asking "how much room have I got between us and the Cavalier behind?" at which Tam looked out the back window and replied "about 15 feet".

The Captain duly put the vehicle into reverse and swiftly moved back all of 2 feet before the minibus stopped with a big crunch.

He shouted to Tam

"For fuck's sake, I thought you said there was 15 feet between us and the Cavalier!"

to which the reply was

"Aye there is, but there's an Escort parked between us and the Cavalier!"

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