Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Random thoughts

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Layclerk, happy birthday to me!


I've pretty much stopped counting them (not through vanity, I really don't care), and this year's is no more significant than any other. In three years though, well that's different. If I'm spared. Deo Volente.

In that year, 2012, I will be fifty years old, as will several of my friends. They know who they are so I will not mention them by initials here and now. But mark my words. We are going to have a fuck-off sized party at some point in the middle of the year. Or at least I am if no one else will.

I have a confession.

This post was a long one, and was typed a few days ago and scheduled to appear here at the appointed time today, but as I typed it it developed into a bit of a sad one, and I don't want to feel sad right now. So I've hived off the sad stuff and saved it as a draft which may or may not ever see the light of Blog-land. Probably not though.

So, suffice to say,

Happy birthday to me.


  1. Indeed! Many happy returns, old boy. I can remember being fifty, just. Didn't have a fuck-off party, though. Although, Mrs Can Bass fucked off shortly afterwards with a bookmaker from Rotherham, so that was a belated gift of sorts. Certainly a blessing!

  2. Happy Birthday! Spare a thought for those of us who are already 50.

  3. Belated Congratulations Mr Lay Clerk - so sorry I missed The Day.

    Thinking Positive is a most commendable activity, and one to which I aspire - but rarely achieve. Thank you for your shining example.

    Happy Birthday - and may there be many many more.

  4. Happy Birthday, you are catching me up, made 50 in 2008.