Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No longer ranting

A good friend pointed out to me last night that I haven't posted since 21st January, which is a week ago, and my last post was a rant.

Well, OK, I take your point, thank you, so to change the tone somewhat, here's a picture of a cat from the site I can has cheezburger which is the "lolcats" one featured in my links to the left.

If you don't like cats you're unlikely to find it funny, and in fact if you don't like cats what are you doing here, be off with you!

Anyway, I've been on a training course in Edinburgh this week, and it finishes tomorrow with an all-day exercise, so that should be interesting! During the course of the course, so to speak, I had a conversation about blogging and during it I pretty much reminded myself why I started this Blog and why I continue to write it.

It started because I was going through a bad time in my marriage, which came to an amicable end fairly soon afterwards. The marriage that is, not the bad time.

I found the experience of putting my thoughts, and sometimes my random stream of consciousness, down on virtual paper to be a useful and enjoyable thing to do.

So I continue to write this primarily for myself, and if no one reads it then that doesn't matter, although I'd be lying if I claimed not to get some pleasure out of knowing it's read and sometimes even enjoyed by other people. It's nice (usually) to get comments on posts as this is a good way to find out what people think about what I write, and it's also good to hear, as I sometimes do, that people read it regularly. But at the end of the day, it's still written mostly for me.

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