Saturday, January 17, 2009

More history

Here's another historic one of the choir of St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow, taken around 1994 by an elderly gentleman called Monty who was forever taking such photos around the cathedral on an ancient camera. Thanks to gordonrasmith for reminding me of his name, which I had forgotten.

There are some of the same people in this one as were in the one on my earlier post relating to the tour of Scotland of 1990, and some new people too. All friends though.

Happy days.


  1. Has the gentleman, third from left, just been struck by lightning? He certainly looks electrically charged.

  2. No he wasn't struck by lightning, it was a number of years before +Gene preached in the building!

    All I can say in his defence is that it was a very windy day, and hairstyles back in them days were a bit different!

  3. Even back then I didn't have enough hair for it to do that. I always wanted a hairstyle but it was not to be.

  4. MadPriest, a bit before that photo, well, in the 1970's actually, when I was at school, I had luxuriant shoulder length hair. Sadly, by the time of the photo I had considerably less, and nowadays ......... I think you can guess! The avatar I use isn't actually me, but there is a certain resemblance!

    Can Bass 1, well obviously the answer is "the handsome one", but other than that my natural inclination toward relative anonymity precludes me from elaborating further.