Friday, January 16, 2009

The Rev Vader processes

How cool is this?

Cathedral staff, take note! This could be a successor to the Cope of Glory!

It's from what appears to be an Italian Blog and, although they provide a link to the image, when I tried pasting it into this post, like I do for videos from Youtube, it didn't seem to work so I just "borrowed" the image instead!

Having also just had a better look at said Blog, it generated a warning from McAfee that it contained some sort of unspecified dodgy links (well, it would have been more specific if I'd stayed on it slightly longer but as soon as the warning appeared I closed it down), so I've decided not to include a hyperlink to it, like I normally would. If you feel like visiting it, it's at and don't blame me if it's full of Italian nasty stuff*, or latin viruses!

Oh, and McAfee virus scanned the image as I downloaded it from the site, so there should be no problems there!

Ah, t'InterWeb, it's wonderful!

* Update: I just noticed that someone (from Riyadh of all places in the world) followed a link to this Blog by searching for the phrase I originally wrote here. These are not the links I want to my Blog, so if you've come here looking for stuff described by a 4 letter word starting with P and ending with O R N, then fuck off, you're not welcome! Thank you. Rant over.


  1. I've seen that picture elsewhere recently, someone else's blog presumably. It is rather fabulous isn't it?!

  2. OMG you need to send that to MadPriest so he can post it and do a caption contest. That's an awesome foto!

  3. I'm sure MadPriest will find it on t'InterWeb in due course and deal with it accordingly!