Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The incompetence of the average person working in the service industry in Britain never ceases to amaze me, although I really shouldn't be surprised.

This evening I turned up at the gym 10 minutes before my appointment, only to find out that the person to whom I spoke last night hadn't in fact made my booking on the computer and since there was only one member of staff working in the gym there was no one available to take me through my hour long induction.

So it has been rearranged to next Wednesday.

So I also missed the IAM Wednesday run, because by the time I got back home after my fruitless trip round the corner to the gym, I didn't quite have enough time to make it to the assembly point for the run. By the time I got changed, onto the bike, and rode the 5 miles, everyone had gone.


  1. Consider yourself lucky. In this country, you would have went through all of that only to discover that your gym was bought out by a larger conglomerate who had just declared bankruptcy.

  2. Oh, bad show! Typical of the nancy-boys running these so-called gyms, these days. Whatever happened to a good old medicine ball?

  3. Sir Monocle, it is a council-run gym, and I suspect that, in common with other local authorities, the councillors have already been bought out by big business! Or is that overly cynical? No, probably not.

    Can Bass 1, you are dead right. Back in the good old days before all this health and safety nonsense I would just have been allowed in to learn as I went along, not forced to pay £8 for some beardless youth to lead me by the hand and show me how to use a bloody treadmill!