Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Since adding the Feedjit widgit on the left showing where visitors are from, and how they got to the site and left again, I keep returning to look at my own Blog to see who's there! How strange.

I've also noticed a few people finding the Blog through a link posted on www.smartdriving.co.uk which is a site aimed at driving instructors. I registered with them (free trial) to see in what context my Blog was linked, and it seems it's actually linked to the new motorcycle test post, which makes sense I suppose. So I tried emailing their webmaster to thank him for linking to this Blog and out of interest to find out how he came across it in the first place, but the email bounced back as undeliverable, despite it being sent via a link on his site. Oh well. So John, if you happen to read this, then thanks for the link, and I hope you enjoy reading other stuff here too.

An important part of the email that didn't get through said:

Thanks for linking from your Website to my Blog at www.thecathedralchoir.blogspot.com and specifically to the posting on the new motorcycle test. I should stress that I don’t claim authorship of that piece, which was passed to me by a work colleague via email, and I don’t know who actually wrote it, as I think I mentioned in a reply to a comment on the post.

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