Sunday, February 10, 2008

Licence to thrill

I think much of the busy-ness is coming to an end, thankfully. Spent Saturday helping clear out Gran's house so it's good that things are getting sorted in that regard. It'll soon be time to chill and have more relaxing weekends with friends. And maybe post to this Blog slightly more regularly!

Today is the second Sunday of the month so it was the IAM bike run. Three of us turned up and an enjoyable time was had! From Glasgow up to Perthshire and back, by a circuitous route taking us on everything from motorway to single track roads. About 170 miles in all. And a lot of roads, most of them in fact, on which I'd never been. Very picturesque, as Scotland often is.

We went over the Kincardine Bridge (over the river Forth) and up past Vicars Bridge (no I'd never heard of it either!) via Glendevon, Muthill, Crieff and Gilmerton, to Amulree where we turned left along the single track road running through Glen Quaich (I think it was called) down to Kenmore at the end of Loch Tay, then down via Killin and Lochearnhead to Callander, back via Kilmahog and over the Duke's Pass to Aberfoyle, then down via Mugdock and Milngavie where the three of us went our own ways home. The map shows the route (click on it to see a bigger version). We set off just before 10am and I arrived home about half past four. We had, of course, three stops for food, drink and rest. All very damned civilised.

The only fly in the ointment was when I noticed late in the trip, having checked it this morning with no problems apparent, that my dipped beam headlight isn't working. The bulb must have blown at some point early today, since one of the other riders told me I'd only had sidelights on all day so he thought it was deliberate. Not to worry, the headlight on the BMW R1100RT is notoriously poor, so I'll take this opportunity to acquire and fit the highest rating one I can to try to improve the light throw. It just means I won't be using the bike until I get the light fixed.

In fact I won't be using it for a few days anyway, since I'm off to a seminar at, of all romantic luxury places, Gatwick for two days. A four star hotel 10 miles from the airport anyway. Flying from Glasgow tomorrow afternoon, and returning on Wednesday evening. Apparently the "theme" of the Tuesday evening is "Casino Royale" so, commenting that it's "007's finest hour" the agenda suggested that delegates "come dressed to thrill" but I didn't know about that when I agreed to go to the seminar otherwise I'd have thought twice, before declining the invitation. I ain't going dressed to thrill nobody, I can assure you, and I will be a grumpy old man if anyone has a problem with that! I'll listen to the topics at the seminar, I'll eat the food, and I'll drink the drink, but I'm not going there to play. No sir.

Anyway, I now need to think about heading out to deliver a set of keys, and alarm instructions, to my very lovely, good and kind friend, GS, who has, yet again, agreed to feed my cats Ernie & Elmo while I'm away. Not sure about the offer she made to bring Murphy the dog with her when she comes though! There could be fur flying everywhere!

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  1. Mebbe would have been smart if GS had read this blog BEFORE going to feed the cats on thursday...... so much for absolute CONVICTION you wasn't going away till the tuesday and back friday.....NOT so very lovely, good,nice, kind, reliable ..... OR clever !!!!! But the cats were very VERY cuddly nonetheless........ ! ...Gess Hoo..