Saturday, January 19, 2008

Success (again)

I passed! The Advanced car driving test went really well, so well in fact that the examiner had no comments about how I might improve my driving, which pleased me.

Coincidentally my certificate relating to passing the Advanced motorcycle test, and my new membership card stating I am a Full member of the IAM not just an Associate member, arrived in the post this morning. An auspicious start to the day, I thought!

Life is busy just now, with amongst other things a close family member being quite ill, and other (nicer) stuff happening, so a longer post will have to wait for the moment.


  1. Congratulations - you beat me to it :) I got my letter about my IAM Car test at the end of November but I'm still waiting to hear from the examiner :(

  2. Thanks!

    That's taking a while then Alistair. My letter is dated 13th December, and I got a phone call a few days into January to arrange the test for last Saturday. Might be worth giving them a call? I believe the examiner is sent a letter at the same time yours is sent out, so his/hers might have been mislaid.

  3. "Death is nothing at all" is a particular favourite of mine, too. It's been read at 2-3 family funerals of mine over the last 5 years or so. And, I do believe that the best way to remember people very close to our hearts is by thinking of them as they always were. I certainly know that when I 'pop my clogs' I want people talking about me rather than not.

    I was up in Glasgow from Thursday night to this afternoon to attend a Burns Supper with my Dad and Alistair last night. It's an annual event. But, I had to get back this afternoon as I was singing in a concert back in Camb. this evening.

    Lastly, Al tells me that you may come back to sing at BJ's 80th in Feb. Elaine and I will be there too. And, how fitting that we're all there.

    You were the first chorister that BJ hired during his tenure as Director of Music. And, did you know that I, Elaine and Scott Cooper were the last 3 that he hired? (Oct-Nov 95, before he retired in Dec 95.)

    Yours ever, AK.

  4. Sorry to have missed you Andrew. I hope the concert went well.

    I will certainly be singing at BJ's 80th, and I'm looking forward to it a lot. I didn't realise you guys were the last ones to start under BJ. Fitting indeed then that we should be there I'd say!