Thursday, January 24, 2008

Requiescat in Pace

Been busy lately visiting my gran in the nursing home to which she moved a couple of weeks ago after falling ill on, I think, Christmas Eve and spending a few weeks in hospital.

Sad to say though that after a short illness (short in comparison to her relatively healthy previous 87 years that is) she passed away last night. In no pain, and as comfortable as she could be.

I'm glad to have managed to spend some time with her in her final days, as obviously have other family members including my brother who, with one day of notice, flew over from his home in California on Friday to see her, and returned home yesterday morning. I'm glad he managed it. It was good to see him, albeit in those circumstances. Other family members have been magnificent in the time they have devoted to gran, and not just in the past few weeks. But I suppose that's what families do, isn't it?

Rest Eternal grant unto her O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon her.

But not too bright a perpetual light thank you very much, if that's OK, because she couldn't stand bright sunlight in her eyes.

Just had a call to say she will be taken to church on Monday afternoon and the funeral is on Tuesday. Work are very understanding and obliging, and so I think I'll take both days off.

Don't feel much like Blogging just now, funnily enough. Got choir practice tonight to take my mind off it, hopefully. More in due course.

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