Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Advanced riding

How they used to do it, in the 70's I think. Not so much horn blasting nowadays though.

Some videos uploaded to YouTube by an advanced rider.


  1. Just watching you guys ride those things on the left hand side of the road gives me the willies. Careful out there.

  2. I am always careful out there, that's why I am sitting my Advanced Riding test soon, it's the majority of the car drivers on the road who need to be careful!

    And I can't help it if you don't know the correct side of the road to drive on!


  3. Thanks

    I am 'advancedbiker' and thanks for the video posts, it makes all that time in the loft editing worthwhile


  4. Thanks Nigel, I spent a long happy time looking through your videos.

    My IAM test is very soon so I'm trying to immerse myself in such stuff, while balancing it with doing my IAM car driving training at the moment.

    Thanks for posting your videos.

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  6. I removed the last comment only for reasons of security because it contained his email address. Nigel has very kindly offered to send me a DVD of Ride to Survive 2007.