Monday, July 02, 2007

A summary

I missed the anniversary of this Blog! In fact I've missed it by a long way. My first post was on 2nd June 2006 and a lot has happened since then. Some I've Blogged about and some I haven't and never will.

I've been separated, sold our lovely marital home and moved to a rented flat with our two cats, been involved in some exceptionally interesting and unique stuff at work (twice), bought a huge motorcycle, changed department at work and thereby gone from feeling absolutely on top of my game to feeling like the most know-nothing new-start imaginable (a truly terrible feeling and one which for a time has caused me to seriously question my future at work), failed to get even an interview for another job because I have no degree (I have heard recently that the person who got the job is crap though, so that's something!), completely and painfully ruptured my Achilles Tendon putting me in plaster and on crutches for eight weeks and off work for ten, started an extended and ongoing period of time out of the Cathedral Choir I used to love but can't be arsed with now, visited Belgium for the first time, bought a new flat and moved there, and cried a lot. And of course some stuff I'm not going to mention.

I feel as though I've packed several years worth of life experience into a single year, but I really wish I hadn't.

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