Sunday, June 10, 2007

Technology tamed

It was Ayrshire.

About 250 miles down the M77 from Glasgow to Ayr and beyond. All the way down to Stranraer in fact, then across the A75 to Dumfries, up the A701 and onto the northbound M74 back to Glasgow. About 5 hours of riding (and the odd stop here and there to enjoy the view and stretch my legs). About 5 hours of total pleasure!

The maps on the right show an overview of my route at the top (for those citizens of t'InterWeb from the big wide world who may not be familiar with the geography of Scotland) and a closer view at the bottom for those who are more familiar.

This time, for the first time, I connected my iRiver MP3 player to the AutoCom intercom, so instead of relying on the external speakers of the bike radio/cassette (with its notoriously poor reception leading to far too frequent scanning to find a station) I had music piped directly into my ears via the in-helmet speakers through which (along with the boom microphone) I can already answer my mobile phone and have conversations at too-fast mph. I used the iRiver's remote control clipped to the petrol tank filler cap so that I could if necessary change the volume and even change track if the shuffle facility chose something to which I didn't want to listen at that moment. See technology? See me? I'm pure sorted by the way!

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