Saturday, May 26, 2007


Scottish Gas. Don't you love them?

When I moved to the new flat I took initial meter readings for both gas and electricity (that was when I discovered the prepayment meters) and advised both Scottish Power and Scottish Gas of the readings, who each also advised me on how to get prepayment cards. Scottish Gas were particularly helpful in that they looked back 3 addresses of mine (the last time I used them) to confirm that my account had been conducted acceptably (i.e. I hadn't defaulted on any payments) and being satisfied they immediately arranged that the prepayment meter would be changed a few days later before I moved in. This was done as arranged and the engineer said that I would receive a letter from them in a few days confirming that the meter had been swapped.

In the meantime (during the meanwhilst?) I have received a couple of letters from Scottish Gas addressed to the occupier asking that I furnish them with my details now that I have moved. I have of course ignored those letters since I have already given them my details and the meter reading (otherwise they wouldn't have changed the meter). This morning I received a letter with Scottish Gas on the envelope so I thought it would probably relate to the meter change, although it was again addressed to the occupier rather than me by name.


It was a further letter accusing me of ignoring their previous letters and threatening that they will disconnect the gas supply if I don't tell them my name and other details!

I called the number on the letter, prepared to deliver some sharp words to them, but a recorded message told me that the call centre was closed for the holiday weekend. I hadn't realised it was a holiday in Mumbai. Wankers. They will receive both barrels on Tuesday.

The image on the right is for them.

Ultimately I think it usually makes financial sense to get both gas and electricity from one supplier. I will run with two until I decide which has pissed me off less, then switch. Right now Scottish Gas is (are?) in second place, and funnily enough that's why they had to go back 3 previous addresses to find the last time I used them as a supplier, because I normally use the same selection criteria when I move house and Scottish Power usually win! Strangely, in the past I found for a period that it was cheapest to get my electricity from Scottish Gas and my gas from Scottish Power. Something to do with each using the "other" utility as a loss-leader to try to attract new business I believe.

Changing the subject, although still connected to gas, I need a new boiler. Bollocks. The missives for the purchase of the flat state that the gas central heating system should be in working order, and the seller's solicitors were informed within the required 5 working days that the boiler wasn't working, so theoretically the seller is responsible for the cost of replacement. I still haven't heard back from my solicitor whether I'll receive payment easily or have to consider legal action, but in any case I have no heating so there's a new boiler being installed on Tuesday and I'll worry about recouping the money later.

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