Friday, May 25, 2007

No dumping

I took the photo on the right yesterday in the Charing Cross area of Glasgow. Some people clearly can't read, or maybe just have a blatant disregard for the law of the land!

On a related topic, when I moved into my new flat, despite having specified that I didn't want the scabby looking old washing machine which had been in the kitchen when I came to view the place, inevitably it was still there when I took possession of the property. The nice removal men were already going to be disconnecting and reconnecting my own washing machine, and they kindly agreed to disconnect the old one too. So they duly left it outside the back door and I was left wondering how long it'd be before I'd feel fit enough to lift it (with assistance of course, the days of me being able to lift a washing machine on my own are probably over) and take it to the recycling place 500 yards away.

I happened to be waiting for the engineer from Scottish Power to arrive on Wednesday morning when I heard what was the rear shutter of a van being opened or closed outside. I hobbled to the window to see if it was the engineer, only to discover a white transit luton parked outside and two scummy neds manhandling the old washing machine towards the back of it, while looking furtively around. I could see that the back of the van already contained various old looking white goods (cookers etc) so presumably the bold boys had been doing the rounds looking for stuff lying around to nick. I took their registration number, but to be honest it saved me the trouble of disposing of the thing myself so I didn't bother chasing them away.

Incidentally, can anyone confirm that the roadsign on the left has the correct spelling? I always thought that mews would be correct. It's directly across from The Observatory pub in Glasgow's Elderslie St. A nice little place to have a bite to eat and a drink, particularly if you can sit in the conservatory, from where the photo was taken.


  1. I don't believe that is correct - I think you're right and it should be mews.

    Here's the definition for Meuse

  2. No idea, but guess what:)? I've passed! So spending the weekend doing pleasent things that don't involve work. Glad to read about the move going well.