Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Uisge Beatha

I think the image on the left sums up the effect malt whisky had on me recently! Good stuff though. It was an Islay one, but I can't remember which. Bowmore I think.

Anyway, soon I should have news either way about the potential house hunting. Fingers crossed.

Yesterday's decision to sit and do nothing seems to have done the trick as I feel a lot better today. Much less upper body pain. If you've never had the misfortune to need to use crutches you are lucky, but until you do have to use them you just don't appreciate the effort and pain involved in getting about, and the fact that everything takes twice as long to achieve.

Gents, next time you are in the toilet, try standing on one leg while you are doing it (aiming carefully, of course!) and see how easy it is to do while being unable to put any weight on one of your legs. Ladies, next time you are doing the dishes, cleaning or ironing, try doing it on one leg (only joking!)

Simple things we usually take for granted shouldn't ever be taken for granted. Be thankful for the ability to get about unaided and unhindered.

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