Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mid life crisis - what mid life crisis?

I'm going to have a look at one of these some time over the weekend, and in all probability I'll buy it. It's a BMW R1100RT tourer (yes, it's an 1100cc engine!), and the one I'm going to look at has all sorts of goodies on it. ABS, heated handgrips, radio cassette, full luggage (not shown on the one in the photo), electrically adjustable windscreen, AutoCom intercom for rider to passenger communication (and an option to listen to the radio via it). All mod cons really!

I'm going to get a bike anyway at some point in the future, and the provenance of this one is such that I absolutely trust the guy selling it, so it makes sense to buy from a trusted source rather than take your chances from a dealer or an unknown private seller.

Today I was nicely surprised by how little fully comprehensive insurance will be, and the price of the bike is a bit less than I might have been prepared to spend, so all in all it's probably back to me being a biker again. Hurrah! But with the added benefit this time of having a car too for those REALLY wet, cold, snowy, windy days. And to go shopping in!

In a previous life I worked as a motorcycle courier for about a year. A VERY steep learning curve, since I hadn't long passed my bike test. That was about ten years ago now though, and it's been about 5 years since I had my last bike, another BMW but older and a different model, and I'm REALLY looking forward to getting back into the saddle.

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