Sunday, August 27, 2006

It was an accident, honest guv

I may have accidentally had too much to drink yesterday. You know how it is. Met a friend in town at lunchtime for a bite to eat and we went to The Counting House to eat (and have a drink), then decided to go elsewhere to have another drink (Red Lizard in the Merchant City), then a third (Arta, near Red Lizard), and remained there until I think about 7 or 8pm polishing off Guinness and Red Wine like it was going out of fashion. We then wended our respective merry ways home and I may have had some Pernod later. Then the twat upstairs decided he'd have a party with LOUD music and SHOUTING into the very small hours. It was still going at about 5am. To be fair that is the first time I've heard anything from the flat upstairs (apart from the odd bit of bad piano practice) so that's his free one. Next time I'll be up at the door once it gets unreasonable.

It's now Sunday afternoon and it's time to sleep on the sofa while "watching" the Turkish Grand Prix. I've set my alarm for Evensong though, just in case!

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