Thursday, August 17, 2006

The best laid plans

Decided last night not to have anything to drink (a very rare occurence - I drink every day) and got a bit stir crazy so decided to go for a walk in the west end. I was walking up Byres Rd and got to the top, near Great Western Road. Thinking that although it was a fairly nice night the beer garden (how do they get away with calling concrete slabs a garden?) in Oran Mhor looked quieter than I'd ever seen it I was casually scanning the tables as I walked past when I suddenly realised that CW was standing up waving at me from one of them. Of course I stopped to chat and within a minute he asked the fatal question "do you want a pint?". It would have been churlish to refuse, so I didn't! He and his good lady GW were sitting at a table with 3 of CW's work colleagues from the Beeb across the road, and I have to say the craic was good. Finished by walking one of his colleagues in the general direction of her home (only because we were both going that way anyway) and it's amazing what a small world it is because it turns out we have a mutual friend who used to work with her at STV and sing with me in St Mary's choir, but who now lives with his wife and family in New York.

To be fair, I didn't drink any more than I normally would have in the house on my own anyway, and I had about a half hour walk which I wouldn't normally have had, so I feel very self-righteous!

Tonight I've made a start on scanning old photos. I've been planning this, but putting it off, for the best part of a couple of years now so I shouldn't put it off any longer. Ah, memories!

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