Friday, July 14, 2006

These are a few of my favourite things (today)

Sunshine. Gin & Tonic. Broadband. Cats. Holiday from work.

A good day so far.

ps did I mention I won the lottery last Saturday? A whole £10, but it won't change my life.

Just now I'm watching Street Crime UK 4 on Bravo (currently onscreen is a man who's collapsed in a pool of his own vomit) . It takes me back to a previous life when I had a small part in dealing with the aftermath of such jollities. I remember once being cited for court but not remembering what the case was about. When I looked up the Crime Management system to check what I was speaking to, I discovered that I wasn't just a witness, I was the complainer!

Night shift, searching a drunk who had been arrested for Breach of the Peace, and he suddenly decided it'd be a spiffing wheeze to spit in my face. My how we laughed! Anyway the point is this, how many jobs in life can you have when in the normal course of your daily work someone spits full in your face, and less than a year later you can't remember the incident? I don't do that job now, but it was a tremendously steep learning curve for 3 years. Apart from anything else it taught me to duck quickly, so apart from that wee incident, every attempted punch, kick, knee, headbutt or bite missed me, and it taught me the importance of positive body language and of having a certain confidence in your bearing which wards off any thoughts bad guys might have of having a go at you much of the time!

So how was your day at work today?

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