Monday, July 17, 2006


Well I've made a start on packing. I've emptied the filing cabinet and put all the books from the study into boxes. Shouldn't be a problem getting the rest of the house finished before Sunday, I hope!

Was pleasantly surprised when I contacted Sky to try to negotiate myself out of my contract before the 12 month minimum (can't get Sky at the new place) since I fully expected to have to keep paying the full amount until November. Apparently I can join the "six months at 90% discount on two services" scheme (trips off the tongue, eh?) and the bottom line is that the £46 payment I'm due to make on Friday will cover me up to October, then I pay another £10.75 and can then cancel at the end of November (which is when my 12 month contract is up) or can decide to keep paying £10.75 until I move somewhere I can get Sky, the only advantage there being I wouldn't have to pay for a new installation. I think a cancellation will be in order!

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