Sunday, July 16, 2006

A good evening

A good evening that was!

Went to the Junkyard Dog with GS and we were joined by several others including PH (with a lady friend, very nice too and I suspect we've not seen the last of her), GW, GY, RN, and GS (not surprising since she is married to GS).

Particularly nice to have a drink with two of those, RN and GW, since drinkies with each of them are sadly few and far between these days, for work and baby reasons respectively. RN is often (in fact it seems always) on call, being of a senior medical bent, and GW is usually on baby duty while her husband CW gets to socialise. And with the greatest of respect to CW, GW is much better looking than him and therefore much better company in the pub!

GS and GS very kindly gave me a lift home, which is far over and above the call of duty, being the best part of a 30 mile round trip!

And I've still got two weeks off work!

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