Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dies Irae

Well today is the big move.

It's now just after 8am and I've already been up for two hours doing the final wee bits. Disconnecting the washing machine, and the TV (and all the assorted gubbins attached to it - Sky+ box, Cinema Surround Sound system, DVD recorder. Really it's like an electrician's nest behind the TV!). Dismantling my bed, unscrewing the bookcases from the wall. Trying to calm down the cats, who know something's up. Smart little buggers, cats.

Almost the last thing to be dismantled is going to be this PC but so I can use the laptop to get onto the Interweb for a little while longer I'll leave the wireless router connected until tomorrow when the phone line's being cut off here and started at the new place, at which point I won't have any Internet access for up to 10 working days, so there may be a gap in posts until Tiscali do the needful and transfer my service to the flat.

Wish me luck.

Oh, I should have mentioned, I feel a lot better today.

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  1. Thanks for the curry/lift home etc. last night! Feeling a little stiff (had forgotten about that muscle just at the bottom left hand side of my back, and yes I should know the name and no I'm not going to look it up I'M ON HOLIDAY!) so might not go swimming today... Anyway good luck with the cleaning if you feel up to it,
    MB xxx