Sunday, June 11, 2006

A good day

All in all an excellent day of music I'd say. Made all the better for AK being visiting from Cambridge and taking his old place on my left in the tenor line. Always a pleasure to sing with him.

The Mozart Missa Brevis in F (KV 192) went really well this morning. The string players (trio) played very well indeed, with no fuss. The choir got some good feedback from the congregation (although not too much can be read into this necessarily, since those who give feedback in this situation are a self-selecting group which tends to mean that all feedback received is positive).

Evensong was cracking. From the Tallis introit (Gloria Patri - brand new to all of us), via Clucas responses (written for Kings College Cambridge I believe), Psalm 150 to a glorious chant, Stanford in G with the soprano solo sung by MW on top form, Charles Wood's Hail Gladdening Light, Coe Fen, and all the way to the final responses written by our choirmaster FW, it all went swimmingly.

And it was commented that it was nice that more people seem to be coming to the pub afterwards. It makes us hardened drinkers feel better about our habit!

A nice bit of timing was that I left the pub a minute or so after MA, one of our sopranos, who had parked her bike in the cathedral grounds just along the road and just next to my car. When I got to the car a young bloke was approaching her and obviously trying his luck, so I stood about until she got away OK without being pestered too much.

A good day.

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