Monday, June 12, 2006


So what did I have to think about over the weekend and what is my decision?

My brother and his wife, who live abroad, own a flat in the building in the photo. In 1998 I lived there for about a year, and I had thought there was a chance of living there again for a while because my dad had been talking to my brother recently and had passed to me the message that the current tenant's lease was about to expire and if I wanted then I could lease it for a while. It's about 15 miles away from where I want to be, and about £150 a month more than I want to spend, so that's really what I had to think about.

No contest. Wouldn't you push the boat out a little to live in a castle? So I phoned my brother on Saturday to talk about it, and other stuff, and lo and behold, the message had got lost in translation a bit. Far from being at the end of his lease the current tenant has 4 months to go on his initial 6 month contract and then may well stay longer (in fact from my brother's point of view, will hopefully stay longer) so the situation is that if the tenant was moving out, and if I was needing to move at about the same time, then I could move in, but that isn't going to happen unfortunately. The date of entry for our place is still up for negotiation, but we're all working on "about the end of July" not the end of September when the tenant may move. So, back to the old Interweb and I should start looking for normal flats! Oh well.

What a place for choir parties it would have been though!

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