Monday, November 19, 2012

Torridon update 1

Well the trip up here to Torridon on Saturday went well, taking around 5 hours, and when we arrived we enjoyed lovely chilli made by Al at home and brought with him. And some wine of course!

We failed to get the wood burning fire started, because we couldn't find the kindling we thought should be here, so it was a bit chilly in the evening although there are (expensive to run) electric storage heaters to fall back on.

Yesterday started REALLY wet, but we persevered and did a bit of a hill walk, spotting wild deer within 50 yards of us while we were in the middle of nowhere. They seemed as curious about us as we were of them, and they appeared to quickly realise the only shooting we we going to do was with cameras so we were no threat.  So about five hours in the hills was passed enjoyably, although I was more than a little knackered by the time I reached the car.

Dinner last night was roast leg of lamb, roast potatoes, roast parsnip, carrots, gravy and mint sauce, cooked by yours truly, and the time spent in the kitchen sharing the space with both Ruth and Kirsty who were preparing cheesecake and chickpea curry in advance was well spent.  The roasties in particular were successful, as sometimes they can be a bit hit or miss when I make them, but the use of good quality goose fat helped.

All four of us were a bit tired after the day of exercise and the big meal, which was rounded off with Ruth's delicious cheesecake, so early nights were the order all round.

This morning the weather is pretty atrocious, as I think it is throughout Scotland, and we've enjoyed a cooked breakfast made by me, and we're currently siting in the living room of this delightful wee cottage, killing time until we feel up to going for a drive in the car to suss out the local (single track) roads and see where we might want to cycle at some point.

Oh, and we found the kindling yesterday so the fire Al started yesterday was still just about going this morning so we've kept it topped up and we're all toastie!


  1. Why is it men are so good at doing roasts?

    The adventure was clearly character building. Although I think I'd have gone home finding no kindling.

  2. There's something about roasts that takes us back to the days of cavemen!

    The kindling was in the garage, no big adventure!

  3. I miss you man. I'm going to try this one more time. Maybe 3rd time's a charm.