Sunday, July 17, 2011

International appeal?

As you can see from the sidebar on the right, I use a widget called Feedjit to keep a casual eye on who's visiting my Blog, where they're from, and what search terms or link they followed to get here.  I just do it out of interest, not for any underhanded marketing reasons!

Lately I've noticed a relatively high number of visitors from India visiting, and a lot of them are coming direct, i.e. haven't followed a link or used a search engine but have either typed the full URL (unlikely) or have it saved as a favourite (perhaps just as unlikely!).  The latest ones seem to be from Ahmadabad (Gujarat), Pune (Maharashtra), Kochi (Kerala) and Mumbai (Maharashtra).

It's fantastic that people from around the world are looking at my Blog, but I was just wondering if one of my Indian visitors might leave a comment on this post shedding any light on why there's a relatively sudden upsurge in visitors from there?

Although, while I'm on about it then, perhaps if you're reading this from anywhere further afield than the United Kingdom you might like to leave a comment on this post saying where you're from, what led you to this Blog, and whether you're a regular reader?  I'll even accept comments from within the UK, of course!

Feedjit currently shows that in the past three days I've been visited by people from Manila (Philippines); Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA); Bratislava (Slovakia);  Jacksonville, Florida (USA); Dublin (Ireland); London (England); Glasgow (Scotland); Pottstown, Pennsylvania (USA); Sherwood Park, Alberta (Canada); Hounslow (England); Calgary, Alberta (Canada); Calamba, Laguna (Philippines); Moscow (Russia); Sweden; Brussels (Belgium); Redmond, Washington (USA); New York (USA); Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA); France; Grantham (England); Coquille, Oregon (USA) and while I've been typing this post, Houghton Le Spring, Durham (England).

I know that although resolving visitors' IP addresses to a specific location is getting more accurate these days it is in no way foolproof or 100% accurate, so some of the visits from the same counry but different cities may in fact be the same people, but surely a country should be fairly accurate and if so it's great to see such a geographic spread in such a short space of time.

But the cynical part of me might think that Feedjit adds these visits spuriously so that the user (me) thinks "how wonderful, the world is interested in me, I must continue using this widget to carry on seeing where my international auidience lies" when in fact it lies solely in the 'imagination' of Feedjit's servers!

If I get no comments to this post I might start to think my suspicions are justified!


  1. I saw the link on Facebook. I live in Denmark but used to live in Glasgow and go to St Mary'


  2. Well the Glasgow visit a couple of seconds ago was me :) (again via facebook).

  3. Thanks Jackie, there's a pattern emerging here! ;-)

  4. The visitor form London is me - but since I am on a train currently between Wigan and Preston the tracker is probably confused.


  5. ...coming in from Google Reader.

  6. OK - why on a direct favourite link am I showing as being in Sudbury Suffolk when at home in Glasgow.

  7. Accidentally came across your old site when I was searching for information about voice parts, and I found myself laughing hysterically at your posts. Periodically I'll pop back on for a good chuckle. Many thanks!

    Fran from Rhode Island, USA