Monday, April 04, 2011

Musical accident

In 1979, aged 17, I was a volunteer helping install a new pipe organ in my home church in Motherwell in the west of Scotland.  That resulted in the loss of the tip of my left forefinger.  It was bloody painful, funnily enough!

Tomorrow, having taken a day of flexi-leave from work, I have been persuaded to help a friend install an Allen organ in St Andrew's Roman Catholic Cathedral in Glasgow, which has been closed for renovation since 2009 and which is due to open again this coming weekend.

Wish me luck, I need all the fingers I have left!


  1. I'm sorry but I couldn't help but think "thank God, that's the only accident with your organ!"

    I'm sure once you've finished the organ will be in full working order!

    How childish, I apologise. I'll stop now.

  2. That was awful. My dad lost his fingertip and it took a long time to heal. He was running a saw mill and crushed it between 2 logs.

  3. Nicole, that sounds very painful! It took mine a long long time to heal too, but in truth I hardly notice it's missing now!