Sunday, February 20, 2011

Last Cans

The video below features a good friend of mine, Sal McDougall (on the right hand side).  It's an awesome demonstration of the use of ordinary household items to make music!


  1. Blast - women and their multi-tasking again; I bow the knee in admiration.

  2. As I admire this, I wonder how the suggestion came up!

    'I know what we can do after Evensong; we can use those pasta tubs, flip them around while clapping and ... '

    you get the idea!

    Thanks for this

  3. Tenon_Saw they are indeed to be admired.

    Fr David, I have it on the best authority that this was at 0730hrs prior to heading off for the Holy Mysteries. As to how the idea formulated, well that may remain its own mystery!