Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas music

A few members of Glasgow Chamber Choir, including yours truly, will be singing live on BBC Radio Scotland this coming Tuesday, 21st December, between 6pm - 8pm when we will be on Get it On with Bryan Burnett, which is a rather good programme I often listen to anyway during the week.

The premise of the programme is that it's essentially a requests show where the host, Bryan Burnett, provides a theme for the evening and listeners email or text their suggestions for songs that fit the theme.  It could be B sides that were better than the A sides, one hit wonders, John Peel related songs, or just about anything.

Tuesday evening is apparently their Christmas Carol Concert Special (not sure if I should be letting on yet, as they only ever announce the theme one day ahead!) and the BBC have asked for about 8 singers from Glasgow Chamber Choir to be there to sing whatever carols are suggested/chosen by the listening audience.  Six carols altogether, three during each hour of the programme, so why not listen in and see if your favourites are amongst them (or even email, text, or follow the show on Facebook to make sure they are!).

It's always a busy wee time for choirs approaching Christmas, and last night Glasgow Chamber Choir sang in a carol concert in Hyndland Parish Church, tonight I'm singing in the Christmas Carol Service at St Mary's Cathedral in Glasgow (6.30pm), tomorrow between 1pm-2pm The New Quartet are singing carols in the Royal Bank of Scotland in Gordon St, Glasgow, to help raise money for this year's bank-supported charity which is Barnardo's, and then on Tuesday it's the BBC live broadcast.  Wednesday is a day off singing, Thursday there's no GCC rehearsal but that only means I'm free to go to the Cathedral Choir rehearsal in preparation for the midnight service there on Friday, starting at 11.15pm when we're singing, I think, a Charpentier Mass, which should be fun.

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