Saturday, March 20, 2010

British Classics concert

This weekend, i.e. today and tomorrow, Glasgow Chamber Choir is performing concerts in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Today, at 7.30pm tonight, it's at St Mary's Cathedral, 300 Great Western Road, Glasgow G4 9JB, and tomorrow it's at the earlier time of 6pm in St Giles Cathedral, High St, Edinburgh EH1 1RE.

The music, as the title on the poster suggests, is all by British composers and includes

William Walton (1902-1983) - Coronation Te Deum; The Twelve
Jonathan Harvey (b. 1939) - Come, Holy Ghost; I love the Lord
Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625) - O clap your hands; Drop, drop slow tears; This is the record of John

Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656) - When David heard
Thomas Weelkes (d. 1623) - When David heard

I should have posted this earlier, but a variety of stuff has got in the way.  Last weekend I was laid very low by what I thought was food poisoning but upon my return to work on Monday realised that 6 out of 8 of us had it too and we hadn't all been eating the same thing.

On Friday morning (i.e. yesterday) at 0320hrs I was woken by a huge crash from the kitchen, and thinking that Elmo my cat had knocked something over I rushed through in a dazed just-awake state, to be confronted by the sight of the floor littered with glass and other debris, and disappearing out the back door was the housebreaker who'd caused it (in the rest of the UK, and probably the world, they're called burglars, in Scotland the crime of Burglary doesn't exist, instead it's called Housebreaking).  I'll probably describe that in more detail later, I don't have time right now as I need to head off to the rehearsal for today's concert, but suffice to say it has shaken me.  A lot.  An awful lot.


  1. How's Elmo?

    Bad enough being broken into without meeting the bastard if only fleetingly.

  2. Barry, Elmo got the usual cat-fright of having something unusual and sudden and loud happen near him, causing him to sprint like Hell, but as is normal for cats within a short time he'd forgotten all about it and has shown no after effects. I'm genuinely touched and grateful that you should have expressed concern over the wee guy! Thank you.

    In another, previous life I met enough of this type of bastard to last me a lifetime. Generally they're weedy, junkie-type low-life, who aren't even worth considering, until such times as they directly affect you or someone about whom you care. String 'em up and hang 'em high, I say, and not just because of what happened to me.

  3. Sorry to hear about that LC, We only once had our house was in Giffnock.

    That very weekent I was on Loch Awe for the fishing so wife, children and mother-in-law had to deal with it!

    I also agree with your final not-so-Christian sentiments!

    PS...why does your Live Taffic Feed say that I have arrived from Dundee?....just curious!

  4. Thanks Harry, it's not a nice experience is it.

    I believe that the Feedjit Live Traffic Feed tries to resolve your IP address to identify your location, so I guess that Dundee would be the nearest Node for your ISP at the point when you visited my Blog. With the system of Dynamic IP addresses this might not always be the case and it may just be that your ISP has an office or some equipment based in Dundee. Or maybe not. That all might be rubbish!

  5. (Please Note: this comment has NO LINK WHATEVER with this particular post !)

    Jus' visitin' Layclerk - an' I seem ter be seein' stars.......... errrrr...... wots happenin'..... have I fallen into Dr Who, Voyager or Star Trek ?

    (Or is it Deep Space - Mine.......) ?

    loadsaluv x

  6. ChickPea, I'm just experimenting with a new layout as the old one was beginning to look a bit jaded. I'll keep this for a little while to see what I think, but I suspect I might move to something a bit plainer, since it seems to be taking slightly longer to load in my browser so I'm guessing that'll be partly due to the background image.

  7. Pullin' yore leg as I was, Layclerk, duznae stop me bein' mighty impressed by yore noo layout - kwite excitin' even !
    Keep takin' us wiv yoo on your explorations.........I mite even manage to lern summat (but doan hold yer breff.......) x

  8. Layclerk are you o.k. No blog for weeks - has the cat got your tongue?

  9. Barry, thanks for your concern after my lingual organ, but no, Elmo has been behaving himself. In truth I just haven't felt as though I've had anything to say. It's only temporary, I'm sure, and I'll be back writing inane drivel before long!