Saturday, August 01, 2009

War Stories Part VII - Waldo's demise

Continuing the sagas and stories of my working life, up to now anyway. If you want to read the preamble, click here to go to the first posting in the series, which contains a short version of my CV.

No, not that sort of demise, as far as I know he's still alive somewhere.

Waldo's girlfriend has been described by those who have met her as more of a man than most men, and he lived with her in her council house. One night, after a day when they had both been drinking heavily, they had one of their customary stand-up fights and were each giving as good as they got, but this time his girlfriend (or "The Burd" as he always called her) decided, not for the first time, that enough was enough and wanted him put out of her house so as usual she called the local police to assist. This time though, while relaying to them her side of the story of how he had beaten her up (leaving out of course the bit where she did likewise to him just as effectively), she added for good measure "and when you come round here there's a cupboard full of stuff he stole from his work".

When the officers arrived to eject him from the premises they asked to see this cupboard, and lo and behold, it was indeed full of stuff he had stolen from his work! So, the branch manager received a call from the police asking if he had anything missing and Waldo duly received what he deserved! I believe he later got back together with "The Burd" but whether they remain as a couple I thankfully have no idea.

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  1. I think I know them. Or someone quite like them!