Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Specsavers saga continues

After posting earlier I went to Specsavers and asked them to put my glasses into the UV box to see if they went dark.

Guess what?

No Reactions!

So they have them away again to be remade yet again!

No doubt to be continued again ..................


  1. Gary they are making a spectacle of you!
    Eddie from the institute

  2. What a racket. You should get your prescription and order them on line at someplace like this - Don't know if they ship to the UK or not. You can add whatever degree of tint you want.

  3. Oh dear, LC - I had so hoped that my own experiences several years ago with SpecSavers were unique - but it seems not.
    My reaction varifocals needed to be re-made 3 times, by which time I had completely run out of the sort of energy it takes to demand and achieve full satisfaction. The net result was that my generally bad patch in life was multiplied several times, and my new glasses were decidedly less than ideal.
    Oh yes - and the 'reaction' factor was so slow a few months ago that I had to take them off if I went indoors !(This was when a lens fell out and I couldn't afford replacement, so relied on 'half n half' bifocals till strong enough in various ways for a next optician visit.....)
    I hope others' experience is better - and more appropriate of a 'professional service'.