Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fit like?

I haven't visited the north east of Scotland for a while, but a few years ago for various reasons I frequented the area A LOT, particularly the area north of Aberdeen around the town of Turriff. In fact at one point I started to make initial enquiries into the possibility of transferring my job up there and moving permanently, but things changed and that didn't happen.

I'm heading up there in about 15 minutes though, because RE and I have been invited to a barbecue by a friend and her husband. It'll be my first time in Turriff for probably 10 years and I'll be interested to see if it's changed much, although I suspect it won't. The BBQ is on Sunday, but we're making a weekend of it and visiting a friend of RE in Nairn on the way up, a more circuitous route than I used to take and one that should provide good scenery, and having lunch with her there which I'm looking forward to. Then we've found what should be very nice accommodation for tonight and tomorrow night, travelling back down on Monday which is a local holiday in the west of Scotland, well Glasgow anyway.

RE hasn't seen anything of the north east, so we have a lot of plans about things we want to visit, and hopefully some nice photos will be taken.

Oh, and I perhaps should explain the title of this post which is a phrase in the north east dialect (possibly the Doric but I'm not sure of that) often said when you meet someone and which can possibly best be translated as "how's it going?". I think. But I have a few friends who read this Blog and are originally from that area so no doubt I'll be quickly corrected if I'm wrong!

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