Saturday, June 20, 2009

Knife attack

Watch the following video, and when you get to 1min 4sec see what happens, and see if you saw it coming.

Now tell me the UK police don't deserve our respect, and our thanks for risking their lives on our behalf.

Thanks to Inspector Gadget for this.

In a previous life a number of years ago I was a police turnkey. That is to say a civilian member of staff basically performing, amongst other duties, the function of the police officer in the video by searching and looking after prisoners in a police office. But in Scotland the prisoner would have been flanked and held by two police officers, the arresting officers, while being searched. Didn't always stop them having a go, but in the time I did that job I managed to avoid every attempted head butt, punch, bite, kick and knee aimed at me, although I didn't always avoid the spitting, unfortunately. So having done that for a living it puts into perspective what "normal" working life can throw at you!

There are some nasty people out there, and we should all be very grateful that the police largely keep us safe from them.

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